Atchison County, Kansas. Directed Verdict for Defense

 In Results

The plaintiff was a 81 year old female who saw our client, a neurologist, on several occasions between September 2005 and July 2006 for neurological evaluations and assessment of her cognitive impairment syndrome and early Alzheimer’s dementia. Lab work performed on the plaintiff in September 2005 showed a mildly elevated sed rate. Additional lab work performed in October 2005 again showed a mildly elevated sed rate. Our client noted that these mildly elevated rates were suggestive of a nonspecific inflammatory process. This information was reported to a treating physician of the plaintiff and our client recommended they should be monitored and, if clinically indicated, followed up on. Subsequently, the plaintiff was seen by several other physicians and a dentist for complaints of a stiff neck, right jaw achiness and difficulty opening her jaw. In July 2006, the plaintiff was admitted to St. Luke’s South for sudden blindness secondary to Giant Cell Arteritis. The plaintiff claimed damages at trial in excess of $1,000,000. At the close of plaintiff’s evidence the Court granted a directed verdict in favor of our client, dismissing all counts against him.