Johnson County, Kansas. Defense Verdict

 In Results

Our client, a neurologist, consulted with this female plaintiff in the hospital for headaches, nausea, vomiting and dehydration. A lumbar puncture and MRI were ordered and a possible venous sinus thrombosis was suspected. After all the tests came back negative the patient was discharged by her admitting physician. The plaintiff’s symptoms continued and she was referred to another neurologist for consultation. This neurologist ordered an MRV which was suspicious for a partial thrombosis. She was admitted to the hospital where an angiogram confirmed a thrombosis of the transverse sigmoid sinus. The plaintiff recovered and brought an action that alleged that our client should have ordered an MRV when he first saw the patient in the hospital. Plaintiff alleged a sensory hearing loss and fear of having a future stroke. After deliberating three hours, the jury returned with a verdict in favor of our client.