In Results

The Plaintiff was a 30 year old female who claimed to be infertile due to Asherman’s syndrome (intrauterine adhesions) following the delivery of her first child in December of 2017.  Our firm represented the defendant radiologist who interpreted a postpartum ultrasound study. Plaintiff alleged the postpartum ultrasound was improperly interpreted as not being suggestive of retained products of conception.   Retained products of conception were later detected and Plaintiff claimed the delay in detecting them caused intrauterine scaring and resulting infertility.  At the conclusion of a six-day jury trial, Plaintiff asked for a total of $3,769,740.15 in damages in closing, including future medical expenses ($580,000), past medical expenses ($185,740.15), past lost wages ($4,000), loss of spousal services ($250,000), noneconomic damages to date ($750,000), and future noneconomic damages ($2,000,000).  The jury returned a unanimous verdict in favor of the defendant.