Wyandotte County, Kansas. Defense Verdict

 In Results

The plaintiff was involved in a single car motor vehicle accident in which she suffered a dislocation of her cervical spine. Twelve days after the accident the plaintiff suffered a stroke of her anterior spinal artery (anterior cord syndrome) and as a result was rendered a paraplegic. The plaintiff alleged that the our clients, an orthopedic-spine specialist and a trauma specialist, failed to recognize her neurologic decline and failed to appropriately treat her hypotensive episodes resulting in the missed opportunity to avoid the spinal cord infarction. At trial plaintiff claimed damages for past and future pain/suffering, mental anguish, and past and future medical bills related to her paraplegia, for a total claim of $3,000,000. The orthopedic-spine specialist was dismissed on directed verdict following the close of the plaintiff’s evidence. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the remaining defendant.