Wyandotte County, Kansas. Defense Verdict

 In Results

The plaintiff, a married 64 year old father of three minor children, was hospitalized at a local hospital with presumptive infective endocarditis. Our client, a cardiologist, was called in as a consultant on the case for a four day period. Upon discharge from the hospital, plaintiff received IV antibiotic therapy through a home health service under the supervision of his primary care physician and an infectious disease specialist. Plaintiff missed 11 days of an antibiotic previously prescribed and was admitted to a tertiary care center. In spite of the care provided, the plaintiff suffered an embolic stroke and was left permanently disabled and confined to a wheelchair. Plaintiff claimed our client did not order the correct cardiologic related studies, did not request the appropriate antibiotics for treatment, allowed plaintiff to be discharged from the hospital prematurely and failed to seek a surgical consult during the hospitalization. The plaintiff claimed damages in excess of $8 million. The verdict was returned after 3 hours of jury deliberation.